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Mono Ethylene Glycol

Mono ethylene glycol (MEG) is an important raw material for industrial applications.
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Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl acetate is used primarily as a solvent and diluent
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Butyl Di Glycol Acetate

Butyl Di Glycol Acetate is a low-volatility solvent with a mild ester-type odor.
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Butyl Glycol Acetate

Butyl Glycol Acetate is a low-volatility solvent with very good solvent power for numerous substances
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Di Ethylene Glycol

also known as DEG, 2, 2-oxydiethanol and glycol ether ether di glycol
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Ethylene glycol mono-tertiary-butyl ether is used as high boiling solvent.
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IsoButyl Acetate

Used mostly in Coatings
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Methyl Acetate

also known as MeOAc, acetic acid methyl ester or methyl ethanoate,
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N-Butyl Acetate

one of the most important medium-volatility solvents.
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