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Copper-nickel Tubes

Copper-nickel Tubes

Copper-nickel alloy products are quite used for seawater applications. Have been successfully installed in different marine engineering structures used in the shipbuilding, offshore, power and desalination industries. Excellent ductility and weldability. Resistance to erosion corrosion, absence of susceptibility to stress-corrosion cracking and intergranular corrosion, unique biofouling.

Standards: DIN 86019 / BS 2871 CN102 / EN 12449 / EN 1652 / DIN 86019 / BS 2871 CN102 / EN 12449 / EN 1652 / EEMUA 144 UNS 7060X / EEMUA 144 UNS 7060X


All sizes available on request.


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